View Full Version : SHOWBIZ DVD 2 captures analogue video on my E10

stu roberts
15.01.2005, 03:48
Showbiz DVD 2 captures analogue video on my E10.


15.01.2005, 11:58
it seems that showbiz acquire mpeg video but softwares like windvd creator movimaker don't

it's a pitty the software doesn’t work with installed TV tuner

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17.01.2005, 10:00
Eric I can really don’t understand you. First of all Movie Maker is part of Microsoft software and you get it with Windows XP. What producer can do is to test it with own product. I am sure that you know that “Movie Maker” is developed for movie editing and not for recording of TV programs. WinDVD creator is also very well for movies editing.

Secondly, you can not say that you can not record your favorite TV channel. This function is also integrated in WMC. If you do not like it, or you are not satisfied you must search for better solution.

The same thing was with me. I was not satisfied with burn program and I bought a new one with more options.


17.01.2005, 23:40
i want to capture video with all the software installed on the computer and use the tv tuner with other software then MCE.
The main thing is that i want to understand which is the problem and want that toshiba do something for users.

Nothing is written by Toshiba to inform buyers that there are limitations and when i start Windvd creator for toshiba and see that i can't use it to acquire video, i think that Toshiba should upgrade the software.

18.01.2005, 03:49
Ivan25 I too would like to capture from my analogue in. I don't think it's right when you get programs with your computer that just don't work as configured.

I don't use my modem that came with my laptop as I have broadband but I'm sure I would take it back if it didn't work, regardless of whether I use it or not.

Something seems to have happened to the ability to capture from the analogue in now that MCE is involved. I know others that can capture from their Toshiba analogue in but they don't have MCE.

I have my MCE configured for use as my TV and don't want to have to mess with the setup each time I want to capture one of my old VHS tapes.

It's also not about buying software as I've tried 5 trial programs for capturing and all of them say that the video in is either being used or not available.

I would be happy if it was only a matter of ending a running process and then restarting it when I'm finished but it seems to be more than that.

21.01.2005, 09:33
this is very good! i'm a doctor and i need to capture analogic video from a videocamera used to show skin lesions to the patients. i need also to freeze the picture and to print it.is it possible to do this by showbiz?

21.01.2005, 13:23
Hi guys,

I tried also Showbiz DVD and it works fine. I have captured all my home movies from VHS and now I have all on DVD`s. Movie was captured like mpg file and it is very easy to be editing. For editing I used preinstalled WinDVD software because there are much better tools for editing and it is very easy to use them.