View Full Version : Portege 3440 CT - need driver for external CD-ROM

18.01.2007, 01:12

I have installed windows xp + sp2 on Portege 3440ct and PCMCIA card where is connect CD-rom is not recognized.

I can't find driver here, anyone can help me?


18.01.2007, 11:26
Hello Usi

You did not send us any info about your external device you use and because of that I can tell you just one: check support or download page from external CD-ROM manufacturer.

Is this Toshiba one when you search it here?

19.01.2007, 15:18

Unfortunately on the Toshiba page under the Portégé 3440 section I did not find any PC card drivers for WinXP OS.
But maybe you have got luck. As far as I know the notebook support PC card control (ToPIC97). I have found this driver for the Toshiba ToPIC97 CardBus Controller

I a unknown device appears in the device manager then you should try to reinstall the driver above.

Ps: In the BIOS you will find also a option called “PC card”. Play around with the different settings and maybe this is a “magic key” to solve you little problem.

19.01.2007, 18:40
I'm sorry to not best specification the hardware pcmcia card type, but is very hard to discovery this information because card is just only branded Toshiba and no more informations is on it.

After troubled nights...
I've found more informations about card and cdrom reader. It's a Thoshiba's part# PA2793020 - Cdrom is Teac and pcmcia card is freecom. I've download driver for "freecom FS-FX series" from freecom.com and external cdrom now run!

My english is very bad and ugly, but I hope you understand :)