View Full Version : New HDD for a Portage 2010

18.01.2007, 01:11
I have recently bought a second hand Portage 2010 but unfortunately the HDD has failed. The HDD is a MK3004GAH, I've searched the web and can't find anyone selling a replacement. I have tried ordering a MK4008GAH but it has a different interface that is not compatable. Does anyone know what drive I should buy to replace the MK3004GAH and where I should buy it from?


19.01.2007, 13:27
Obviously it is not easy to find HDD replacement for this notebook model. I donít know where you live but you can check this page http://www.laptopbits.co.uk/Database_files/Toshiba_Portege_2000_and_2010_series_spares.htm and pick up some useful info.

Good luck!

19.01.2007, 19:54
The HDD should support the enhanced IDE (ATA-5) interface.
I know that the 30GB HDD is supported because the notebook was delivered with such HDD. Maybe you could use a 60GB or 80GB but to be 100% sure a test is needed.