View Full Version : Install New OS via PCmcia CD ROM on Portege 3110CT

17.01.2007, 13:29
Hi there ,

I really hope someone can help me as I am going out of my mind trying to install a new OS on my Portege 3110CT

So far I have tried Windows 98, 98SE and 2000, I can get them all to install via a dos driver for the PCMCIA card I found but it misses installing some plug and play drivers late in the install. But once installed I cannot get the PCMCIA card recognized in windows and I cannot get my display to fill the screen. I have tried to update the drivers supplied by Toshiba but none of them work

I have tried copying the CD contents to a second partition on my hard drive and installing from there also

Whenever I try to update the drivers it always says it has found a better one in the windows files and uses that.

I have been through all the forums and tried the methods suggested but I must be doing something wrong. The companion diskette does not work either.

Thanks in advance for any help


One thing that I haven't done is update my bios as I've never done this and I am unsure as to leave my PCMCIA card plugged in , but I have read that I have to in order for the bios to recognize it.

17.01.2007, 18:16
I don’t understand you problem. If you have already installed the OS and you need some drivers for the further devices why you don’t download the drivers from the Toshiba website and install it?

The BIOS update is a little bit risky.
If you use a wrong one or a wrong update procedure you could damage the board.
Therefore be careful and read all details and information about the bios update on the Toshiba page before upgrading.

17.01.2007, 19:04
I have downloaded all the drivers for win98 and win2000 , and they just don't work

For windows 98 the trident display driver won't install it says it has a better match and uses the one in C:\windows\inf\monitor.inf

The PC card driver has a setup.exe , that will not work if the card is half installed but not working , I have removed the card and used plug and play , when it asks me for the location with the driver , I point it to the folder where i unzipped the priviously tried setup and driver and it says there is no driver there !!

17.01.2007, 19:55
When the new version of the drivers already exists why you want to install an older?? The display driver is not needed. The newer version was already installed.

In the BIOS it should be able to change some settings, also for the PCMCIA controller. Please check it.
I have also found the Toshiba Canada site and there are also some drivers for the Portégé 3110CT:

17.01.2007, 20:54
I need to install a new display driver because the actual displayed screen only fills about 3/4 of the screen it seems to have a big black border round it , I have tried to install the trident one supplied on the website but it says the current one is better ?? is it the video driver that i need to install

I shall give some of these new drivers a go , cheers for the information R2D2