View Full Version : Satellite Pro A120 does not recognise CDr - Incorrect function

16.01.2007, 22:42

hope someone can help me?
i have just taken delivery of satellite pro a120. If i put a blank cdr in the drive it does not launch the window asking how i wish to open the disc?

If i go via 'my computer' and look at 'devices with removable storage' does change from 'dvd ram drive to 'cd drive d'. However if i click on the icon it states 'drive D not accessible incorrect function.

I can however copy music via windows media and it does recognise the disc in windows media and will burn.

however i cannot copy files/pics etc

17.01.2007, 17:43
The windows did not ask you because the AutoPlay function could be disable or not properly configured.
Check the drive properties (right click) and select the tab “AutoPlay”.
There you should select the “Prompt be each time to choose an action”

Please check also this Microsoft document:

23.01.2007, 19:36
Sorry Banner but I really don’t understand your problem. If you have empty media in ODD what you expect exactly to be shown?

If you want to create some data CD you can use Windows recording option (must be activated in ODD properties). If you want to create music CD or video CD use some burning application like Nero.