View Full Version : How to open Satellite Pro 4600?

14.01.2007, 19:05
Some tea has dropped into my satellite pro 4600. does anyone know how to open it?

19.01.2007, 01:26

Yes, I know ... but, a manual with pictures/instructions would be needed to do it, and patience, and carefulness etc., to get it properly closed again ...

Please, check with Google and you'll find several alternatives for such downloadable manual, costing some $5-25 or maybe even finding a free one as myself for a 4200/4300.

Best regards,

Pete V.

19.01.2007, 16:50

It seems you have no many experience with such procedures.
I think itís not a good idea to do something if you donít know how and what.
Visit the simple computer dealer and mostly they know how to dismount such devices.

But I donít know if itís profitable. The notebook is old and possibly you will need a new motherboard. Such parts are not cheap and I think a better idea is to purchase a second hand notebook. Maybe from eBay??

19.01.2007, 19:07

OK, Jimi may have a better angle for this case ...

Please, for info, check e.g. these two other stories on water spilling, they may give some more understanding on the realism of it ...



Best regards,

Pete V.

30.01.2007, 16:57
Hi, I have got an user manual on this topic. Give me a mail-address to send it to you. regards: bernie

20.02.2007, 21:16
hi, can you send me the manual on sdimov (at) walla.com

thank you.

22.02.2007, 20:57
please send me one, too. If possible in german language. sallysmilla@gmail.com