View Full Version : Solution for choppy DVD playback on Satellite Pro A100

12.01.2007, 18:36

I've had this problem twice on my Toshiba laptop (Satellite Pro A100 bought April 2006): The DVD used to playback fine, but now (maybe after a driver update or a software install, I'm not sure what causes this) the DVD playback is choppy, the sound distorted. This happens throughout all the media players on Windows XP (e.g. PowerDVD which came with the laptop, or Windows media player).

I've searched the internet far and wide for a solution and finally found out how to fix this:

Go to the Device manager, select the heading "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers", then select the "Second IDE channel", right-click and "Uninstall". (There are two second IDE channels, if you don't know which one then just uninstall them both.) Restart Windows XP, the Windows XP will automatically reinstall the drivers without needing to download anything. Afterwards the DVD drive plays back normally again.

The symptoms of the problem, apart from choppy DVD playback, are that the "Transfer mode" gets stuck on PIO for some reason, and with no option to switch it back to DMA. I have no idea which software or driver causes this, or why, but if this is your problem too, you might find that this solves it.

16.01.2007, 22:30
Cool, thanks for the investigation and the nice information.
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