View Full Version : FN key functions are reversed on Satellite Pro L100

11.01.2007, 17:09

On the L100 the FN functions are reversed, all the normal keys function as they should do, but the keys with the blue extra options are reversed, when we don't push the FN key and press the K button we get to see a 2 for example, if we push the FN key than press K we get to see an K on the screen.

Anyone an option to solve it?

11.01.2007, 19:08

You have probably accidental activated this option. To enable/disable please use FN+F11 key combination.

Thatís all! ;)


11.01.2007, 20:08
Joao is right,

you have activated the NUM-LOCK (Fn+F11) by accident. That's because notebooks don't have a complete keyboard set, they emulate the blue numbers by this key combination.

Same when having CAPS LOCK, you can type small letters by holding the shift key pressed down.