View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6200: USB port message about faster USB speed

11.01.2007, 14:15
When I plug a device into one or both of my USB ports on my Satellite Pro 6200 laptop it gives me a message saying it could perform fast but it does not guide me as to how to do this. Any ideas about this?

11.01.2007, 17:11
This message means, that you have connected a fast USB device (Version 2.0 ... i.e. an external hard-drive) to a USB port (Universal Serial Bus) that does not support the USB 2.0 standard.

This message will appear on older Laptops, that were not equipped with the newer USB 2.0 Hardware. There is no way to upgrade your notebook to USB 2.0 unless you buy an external USB 2.0 card (PCMCIA to USB2 adaptor)

The speed gain from Version USB 1.0 (max 12 MBps) to Version 2.0 (480 MBps) is enormous.



11.01.2007, 17:19
Thank you so much. That explains it very well.