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08.01.2007, 23:54

Tonight one of my friends brought to me her Satellite Pro L10, and asked me to delete User password, cose she doesn't like enter it every time.. ok, it's very simple! - I said. I went to BIOS with the same password, found option Supervisor Password and turn it off. I couldn't enter to option User Password and left it, thinking I'll solve this later.. well...

Can you imagine how I was surprised when system said - Invalid Password!!! More... I tried go back to BIOS, but.. system asked me password.. but I cleared it from "Supervisor Password" well, I typed the old one and it didn't match again!

Ok. Of course, later I found manual for this Satellite Pro L10, I know that it could be better to use Toshiba Console and Toshiba HWSetup could be.

Tell me, please, supervisor password had priority, and now she has to remember her user password?
Or there is something else?

Thank you!

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15.01.2007, 16:27
I have investigated a little bit on the Toshiba knowledge site (itís very useful and interesting) and found this knowledge base article:

Satellite L10 - Setting BIOS and Supervisor Passwords

Check it. Maybe it helps.

Additional as far as I know if the BIOS password is not known, you cannot delete it by yourself. Only the service guys are able to delete the unknown BIOS password.