View Full Version : No sound on Satellite Pro 6000

06.01.2007, 12:30
Hello there!

I have a problem with my sound on a satellite pro 6000.
my sounddriver is a Ali audio and is correct installed. (you see no yellow icon ore something.)
I have also installed the device and restarted the computer but nothing happens.

When i check my headphone on my notebook, i even hear nothing.
Can somebody help me?? Thanks.


10.01.2007, 16:05
Did you check the volume control at the notebook side?
Yes, this sounds very simple but you cannot believe how many people forgets o turn on this option.
How about "Mute" settings???

10.01.2007, 16:11

Eldorado is right. Check volume control on the left notebook side (if I am remembering well). Please check also ‘Volume Control’ and be sure Wave setting is set to maximum level.