View Full Version : Help: TECRA 8000 Memory slot B mailfunction

12.01.2005, 16:02
I own a Tecra 8000 for 5 years.

Now, memory slot B seems to be not working anymore:
if it is filled, the computer does not start (LEDs are on, but no activity, even no toshiba logo screen)
if it is empty, the computer starts OK with 128Mb in slot A

1. Is it possible to repare this and what should I check first?
2. according to the spec, maximum memory for tecra 8000 is 256MB. Is it possible to insert all 256Mb memory chip into slot A and leave slot B empty?


12.01.2005, 17:01
Hi Michael,

In my opinion slot B is defective. You are right about RAM capacity. Maximum memory is 256MB RAM. It is tested with 256MB RAM but apparent with two memory parts because I did not find any 256MB Memory Expansion for Tecra 8000.

It can be possible that it works properly, but you must try it on your own risk. To play it sure you have to connect a Toshiba Service Partner!

Good luck