View Full Version : How to change the power supply to the CD/DVD Drive so that it is off by default?

05.01.2007, 11:21
When running on battery I often use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from XP to "unplug" the Mat****a CD/DVD drive in order to safe some battery life.(Does it?) I use Fn+Tab to bring it back to life. I wonder if there is a way to make my Notebook (M400) boot with the power supply to the Drive off by default. By the way, any idea where I can find the extra battery for the CD/DVD-Drive slot and at which price?

Thanks in advance for your help.

07.01.2007, 13:13
I don't know, but I find this topic very interesting. Do you know how to unplug CD/DVD within GNU/linux? My box is M300.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

27.01.2007, 00:26
@support team: I'm very disappointed from your poor responsity. I posted my question nearly tree month ago and still no reaction from the team. I thought I could expect some more professionalism.

If you also feel your question has been simply ignored, please reward points to this post. Maybe this way we can win a bit of attention of the team.

27.01.2007, 12:19
Hello Robert

If you check start page you will see that this support forum is not any kind of Toshiba support directly but user-to-user forum. But you are not alone and many users expect that some Toshiba support team sit in the office and wait to write answers.

Anyway there are many Toshiba notebook users with very good knowledge and also enthusiasts who try to help other guys with different issues and also share own experience.

Professionalism is not forum but action when you need assistance because of hardware damage or something similar. If you need competent answers and help every authorized service partner should be able to give you info you need. But please don’t mix service partner and Toshiba because it is not the same.

Anyway I have found info that you can use additional (second expansion battery) and it should be batteries with part numbers PA3510U-1BAL and PA3510U-1BRL. I can not tell you how much it costs but you can find it alone using Google.

Back to your first question: If I am understand you right you want to save more power and because of that you want to disconnect ODD. It is nice idea but you have obviously misunderstood something. "Safely Remove Hardware” option is there to help operating system and say ‘this hardware part will be removed and don’t exist anymore’ but it does not mean physically disconnection from other hardware.

If you need more power use second battery and enjoy your life.

If you have more questions you are welcome. Many users here have M400 and I hope in the future some of them will participate a little bit more.

Have a nice day! :)