View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 CD Burning: after burning the CD is empty

31.12.2006, 10:17

I have a Satellite Pro A10 and my CD burner has stopped burning. Anyone else have this? I also had an earlier problem where it would only burn 1 disc straight after booting up. It says it is burning and goes through all the motions, but at the end the disc has nothing on it. I am using Maxell discs and have had no problem before using these. If the CD burner is broken is it possible to get a replacement and also are they easy to fit.


04.01.2007, 16:17

It is really possible that the drive is defective. Before you exchange it only thing you can try is to check if there is some success if you use different empty medias (different producers) and burn it using few different burning applications. I recommend you to use NERO burning software.

Be also sure the burning option is activated and not only option called ‘simulation’.

Replacement should not be problematic. If I am remember well the drive is fixed with one screw and you can find it at the bottom side near the drive itself.