View Full Version : Screen brightness on Satellite Pro 4300 very dark

30.12.2006, 18:52
I've an old Satellite Pro 4300 that I upgraded for my daughter last Summer.
I spent some time putting everything just right, upgrading memory to the max and installing Windows 2000.

She's just given it back to me as she has a new model....and I sort of needed the laptop.
Anyway, although it starts up, the screen is very very dark....totally unuseable.
Strangely, the display is dark during the BIOS part of the startup routine as well.

I've tried lots of combinations of F keys to no avail.
Any suggestions?

30.12.2006, 18:55
Hello Phil

Pleae notice that key combination usage for brightness settings works just when OS is started and if some Toshiba designed tools are preinstalled. If this occurs while notebook booting too and the BIOS settings are not visible correctly I presume the FL inverter (background illumination) is defective and must be exchanged.

31.12.2006, 08:04
Hi Phil, I also upgraded a 4300 to Windows 2000 but did not experience a problem with screen darkness. You mentioned that you upgraded the memory to the max. How much memory is that and what kind of memory modules did you use? Appreciate your reply.

02.01.2007, 16:30
The display of a laptop screen is lited by a fluorescent lamp. It is common that this lamp will wear off the longer the PC is in use (over the years...), especialy when your screensaver does not turn off the screen, but has it just display for example the windows logo on a black still lited background.

You will need to replace the fluorescent lamp with a new one. You can search for a TFT backlight on ebay to check out how it looks like. Here is a sample, only for demostration purposes. I don't know the size or model for your Laptop type. http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/1503/new077jb8.jpg