View Full Version : Satellite M30: Can not use COM port with the Modem

27.12.2006, 23:21

I have a satellite m30. I'm having problems with the com port for use with the modem. I get a code 12 error saying not enough free resources etc. There are no I/O or IRQ conflicts IRQ 04 and I/O Range is 03F8 - 03FF. I have tried uninstalling various things to free up resources but still get the same error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

28.12.2006, 12:24
Does this problem persist when you use the Toshiba Recovery CD??
Try to disconnect all external devices and install the Windows from the Toshiba recovery CD.

Additional please check several postings here in the forum Modem area. I found several threads with a similar issues

30.12.2006, 20:28
Jimi, thanks for the reply. I used the recovery CD to re-install and the problem persisted. I am assuming there is a fault with the modem and have already purchased a USB external modem.