View Full Version : Tecra 9000 second RAM bank has a failure

23.12.2006, 20:00
About two days ago one RAM bank broke.
If I put RAM into FIRST bank it's working, but if I put RAM in second bank - laptop don't want to start.
I have 256MB (2x128) and winxp was working little slowly .. but it was working .. and now .. with 128MB the system is starting up at 3 mins .. and windows is working VERY very VERY slowly ..

How do you think .. if I change the smallest mainboard (part with CPU / graphics card / RAM bank) it may be running? Will this work?

THX for help!

25.12.2006, 14:27
Hello Chris

I donít see there other solution as to use more RAM in first slot. Other way you must exchange the main board to use both memory slots. If I were you I would buy one of compatible RAM module (PC133 512MB -PA3108U-1M51, or PC133 256MB -PA3086U-1M25) and unit will run much faster. You can find those modules on eBay as used one and it will probably not cost a much.

Main board is expensive.