View Full Version : Portege 2010 - clicks of death? - maybe HDD is dead

23.12.2006, 13:40

a few minutes ago I tried to start my portege 2010, which was functioning a few hours ago. Now I won't even get past the BIOS screen because the HDD is making noises in a strange pattern, like the heads are trying to get into position, but are failing. I have to admit that yesterday the system froze for no obvious reason but I didn't realize this was due to an upcoming hardware failure, I just rebooted the machine and it behaved like any other day. So I'm quite puzzled how disaster could strike so sudden. The portege is out of warranty time, so I guess there is no way getting around buying a new drive. I wonder if this problem is a common problem among the portege series, I think I remember an article posted online stating this.

25.12.2006, 15:01
Hello Steffen

If Toshiba sels 10 000 or more Portege 2010 notebooks and you find one or 10 other users with the same HDD symptoms it can not be any kind of “common problem”. Common problem is something else.

According to your description it is really possible the HDD shows first symptoms of malfunction. All you can do is to watch carefully what happen in next days and if HDD functionality fails you must buy a new HDD. That’s all!

If you will be able to start it somehow I recommend you to back up all your data (for example on USB stick) before HDD crashes completely.

29.12.2006, 15:20
Why should it be a common problem?? It’s noting unusual that the HDD gets broken.
My HDD has broken after 3 years of usage. But it’s not easy to say how long an HDD should run. It depends from the usage…

Since last head crash I create the backups weekly. Of course I save only my important files..