View Full Version : Upgrading Portege 7140 (Hard disk, Memory)

09.01.2005, 13:40
I have recently purchased a second hand Portege through eBay. I have done a little research and I am under the impression that the 7140 has a Memory expansion bay into which I can put a 32mb,64mb,128mb or 256mb memory stick. Toshiba only sells a max of 128mb but Kingston sells a 256mb stick for the laptop. Will the 256mb work okay?

Second question - can I stick any 2.5" EIDE disk drive in the Laptop? Is there a technical spec somewhere which lists BIOS revision against support disk sizes?

Final question - I haven't actually recieved the laptop yet and from reading the technical spec pdf it seems as though it doesn't have an internel floppy disk drive? If this is correct the only way I will be able to upgrade the bios is through windows, is this correct? The only problem if that is the case is that I use Linux not Windows. I may have to purchase an external floppy drive.

Anyway thanks for any help or suggestions anyone may have.


10.01.2005, 15:05
Hi Spinksi,

Colleague of mine has the same machine at home. He put 256 MB RAM and it works fine. His RAM is manufactured by Toshiba. You can use Kingston RAM also.

He has also 20 GB HDD. It works properly. Before you change HDD make BIOS update. You can find the latest Version on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin under “Download BIOS”. There you can find Toshiba BIOS-Update Description. Read it before proceeding. It is very important.

As far as I know there is no some kind of spec where you can find data about BIOS and disk sizes.

Answer on your final question is: You are right. Portege had no FDD, and you need it for BIOS Update. But I am sure that you can find low priced one by ebay.