View Full Version : Noise whilst powering Satellite Pro A120 from mains

22.12.2006, 16:12
I am currently experiencing a great deal of noise from my soundcard (both internal and a PCIMCA soundcard that I use) when powering the computer from the mains. The noise is not present when powering the computer by battery or via a power supply with no earth. Please advise of a solution..

22.12.2006, 16:38
Can you please explain how you use sound card/s exactly, especially external one? Is some external device connected to it?

By the way: check a little bit advanced search option on this forum. I am pretty sure you will find some similar postings here.

23.12.2006, 14:16
Thanks pedro.
I'm connecting the souncard via a line out to powered studio monitors. I don't have the problem while monitoring via headphones thus suggesting an earthing issue. This is further backed up by the fact that, post consulting a friend who is an electronic engineer, when I try plugging into an extension lead without the earth connected, the problem stops.

I'm wondering wether or not I should try to obtain a different power supply, or simply disconnect the earth within the plug on the existing supply. Either way, it seems like a possible oversight on behalf of toshiba?

Thanks for the advanced search suggestion, I'll pursue it too....

03.01.2007, 17:28
Are your external speakers connected with earth? maybe there is a ground difference between the output from the line-out of the notebook, and the ground of the external speakers.
Try this option, too ;)
Only if ALL devices are connected to the same EARTH level you will get rid of the noise ... disconnecting the earth on the supply on both devices is an option, too, but I wouldn't go for this option.



16.01.2007, 04:18
You are risking life and limb running any electrical appliance with the earth disconnected if the equipment goes live so will anyone in contact with it.

I suggest you check the connecting cables for loose or shorting wires.