View Full Version : I've found the solution for sound-acpi problem with Satellite P100-219

21.12.2006, 22:31

I've found the solution for sound-acpi problem with Toshiba P100 (it works with P100-219 at least). I can supply the modified source and compiled DSDT table but I'd like to know if it's possible to get those changes to the next BIOS update?


22.12.2006, 11:01
Hi Mik

Like you know it is not possible to find any info about next BIOS especially if you want to have some info regarding Linux OS. Simply wait and see if some forum user will report something about that.

22.12.2006, 12:14
Hi Ivan,

It's not what I've meant. I've wanted to supply corrected DSDT source to Toshiba devs so they could include it in the next BIOS update. That would make life a lot easier for people using Linux.
Anyway, thanks for your reply.


22.12.2006, 12:24
Ok Mik I understood now what you mean but problem is that Linux is not supported operating system and I really donít believe that there is something to do. Many people are interested about Linux usage on their Toshiba notebooks and everything I have found on the net is:
http://www.linux-laptop.net/toshiba.html and

On the last one you can find email address to UsOSmaster@toshiba-tro.de . If you want you can send them a nice mail. ;)

22.12.2006, 14:08
Thanks Ivan for such a quick reply. I'll try to contact them and will see what the community could get. Anyway, I've got my Toshiba almost fully supported and I'm really happy about it.
Happy Christmas


22.12.2006, 14:26
Hi Mik,

Can you please upload the fixed DSDT to acpi.sf.net along with a comment of what was changed? This might help other users, including me, to patch DSDT for other models right now.

Thanks! Happy holidays.

08.01.2007, 21:26
Hi Mik,
it's really good news...
i've got the same acpi/sound problem with my P100-257 on ubuntu 6.10...