View Full Version : Strange keyboard behaviour on a Portege 4010

21.12.2006, 18:23
Just rebuilt the machine with a new hd and i'm having some strange keyboard functions.

If I press 'enter' it does the enter function but also adds a #
If I press j it does j]
If I press m it does m'

Any ideas?

22.12.2006, 11:48

I hope you press the keys very gently. ;)

Does this happen if you typing very fast, or it doesnít not make any difference by typing fast or slow?
Try to test it with external keyboard.

22.12.2006, 15:52
Whoops. Think this is coz I installed it as a standard 101/102 ps2 keyboard. Where do Tosh hide the drivers for the keyboard? Can't find it in the listings.

22.12.2006, 16:02
Sorry but Toshiba and other notebook manufacture donít provide especially keyboard drivers.
The computers use simple common keyboard drivers from the Microsoft Windows OS.

22.12.2006, 16:04
So even if my laptop has 85 keys, I should still use the standard 101/102 driver?

22.12.2006, 16:11
The OS automatically recognizes the right keyboard and use the right driver.
Therefore itís not necessary to change any drivers and if the 101/102 was installed from the begging I see no reason for an driver replacementÖ

22.12.2006, 16:27
For notebook keyboard you donít need any separate driver. Like Markus wrote, standard Microsoft driver is installed there.

Anyway, Portege 4010 is about 4 years old and I will not suspend possibility that there is some mechanical problem.