View Full Version : Start up problems on Satellite Pro 4270

21.12.2006, 00:17
i have just been given a satellite pro 4270 and was told it worked but when i turn it on all i receive is a moon a loading box which isn't loading and a sun i can here working noises inside.

21.12.2006, 18:44

Did you receive also the Toshiba recovery CD?
If yes try to boot up from the CD and try to refresh the OS.

You can also check if something will appear on the external display.
Try to connect the notebook to second monitor.

But generally it sounds like a hardware issue… It's a second hand unit but I’m afraid the guy sold you an malfunctioning notebook :(

21.12.2006, 22:36
i have got a boot cd but it instantly loads to the moon and sun screen
i was able to update bios successfully

22.12.2006, 10:56
Hi Adam

I am not 100% sure what are you writing about but, as far as I know, moon and sun symbols are shown when unit go to standby or hibernate mode.

If you have original recovery media for this unit I recommend you to reinstall OS. If not you can install your own operating system. If you have SP 4270XCDT it should have 6 GB HDD and it is supported for Win98 SE.

Before you do this, set CD-ROM as first booting device in BIOS settings. You can also try to force booting it from CD pressing C key at the start up.