View Full Version : Sound card in Tecra 9100 changeable?

18.12.2006, 18:58
Can anyone tell me if the soundcard in Tecra 9100 is changeable? And if so, where to get a new one. And how to open the portable in order to proceed to the place of the sound card.
Thanks, Peter (from Germany)

18.12.2006, 19:21

I think the Tecra 9100 uses a “stand-alone” sound board
Yamaha YMF753 -16-bit stereo sound blaster pro compatible system (WAVE und MIDI)
It could be removed and replaced without to replace the whole motherboard but such part can be ordered only from the Toshiba service partner.
But it sounds like you have not many experiences witch such exchanges.

Therefore I would recommend contacting a technician for such replacements.