View Full Version : Portege 3480: How to reinstall the Windows 2000

18.12.2006, 17:24
I have got the laptops original cds, a new copy of W2000 and i can't get any of them to work. I have used the toshiba exteral cd rom to install the cds and a freecom drive. When i use the tosh external drive it gets as far as looking for my pcmcia card cdrom (the free com and then dies).

My second aproach was just to install 2000 and i got to the page where is asks to recover or install and when you use install it says no hd was found you might need manufature cds, which dont work.
Any ideas on how to get round this problem, i have a copy of 95, 98se and 2000.


25.12.2006, 14:46
Hello Dom

What is the status of HDD? Is any OS already preinstalled and are you able to use it properly? Are you sure the HDD is not defective?

As far as I know with compatible ODD and original recovery installations CDs it should work without any problems because recovery image contains driver for external PCMCIA connected optical drives.

27.12.2006, 16:07
I would also recommend checking the HDD status in the BIOS.
Usually the HDD should be recognized but if not then it’s a HDD malfunction.

28.12.2006, 01:52
I checked the bios and it shows the hard drive as working. The laptop has a working version of windows 2000 on in which is currently playing up. I have looked under the computer and it looks like it was pre loaded with windows second edition and has then been upgraded.

When i tried to install 2000 it mentioned that i might have to use manufactures discs but they do not work. I did a error check and it said that it was fine. Does anyone else out there still own a portege 3480ct?


28.12.2006, 15:40
It seems you need to load firstly files from a companion diskette to recognize the CD drive for booting.
Check the Toshiba drive page. There you will find the “Companion diskette”. After downloading check the file “readme”. It’s important!
Check also the area “More info” because sometimes you can find some useful information.

28.12.2006, 22:54
I have tried the diskette and it doesn't seem to work, i get the message remove media and press any key to restart. I have got the windows 2000 installer to work but when it gets to the page that states, press enter to install, r for repair ECT when you press enter is states " You may to power up your harddrive (Done and Checked), You may need your manufacture disks to install (Well the disks i got don't work). It would seem the laptops hard drive was locked by toshiba. Windows 2000 which is already installed on it seems to work fine but has problems with closing down and i can copy paste and even get to the Internet. I have tried all the bootcds and floppys that i own. What drivers do i actually need from toshiba to make an install of windows 2000 on to the computer. There must be a cd/floppy that unlocks the harddrive for os installs.


28.12.2006, 23:22
I have found the solution to this prolem. If you make 4 W2K boot floppy disks then use them to boot up. Then when it asks if you need to press F6 to install raid drivers dont press F6 But F5 and select the second from the top option and then you can continue to install windows. When it askes you to press enter it install it works fine.

Thanks For All You Help