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17.12.2006, 18:06

I am an owner of a Tecra 8200 with the latest bios version 1.6. I want to upgrade my hdd from 10 GB to a bigger one! I searched the whole forum and googled to find some information about the maxmimum size for this laptop, but there differnt informations. Sometimes the answer is max. 30 GB and other user has 60 GB Hdd installed. I hope that somebody can help me and give me some information about which hdd i can buy an use in my tecra 8200! So thanks a lot this time.



17.12.2006, 19:44
Unfortunately I can just confirm that there is no public document about upgrade possibilities. I know for sure that some Tecra 8200 notebooks (probablu the latest models) are delivered with 30 GB HDDs. because of that I am pretty sure you can use 30 GB HDD without any problems.

If you want more I recommend you to buy compatible 60 HDD and try to use it. If something goes wrong you can any time send HDD back to the local dealer. Probably you have 14 days time to send the product back if not satisfied.

19.12.2006, 22:42

thank you Pedro for the information! I decided to go to a local dealer near my town and he installed a new hdd with 80 GB space and it works wonderfull! No problems although the new hdd has a spin auf 5400 rpm! So here i can say all users of a tecra 8200 with a the new version of the bios 1.6 can buy a new hdd also with 80 GB, and it works 100%! So long thanks for all the information here an i wish everyone merry christmas!!!

The HDD is from Samsung the model-->HM080IC!!!

20.12.2006, 11:57
Hi again

Thank you very much for this useful info. Now Tecra 8200 users know for sure that 80 GB HDD will be recognized properly. Thanks also for exact HDD model description.