View Full Version : Satellite A30-130 Modem does not work - Error 680 No dial tone

16.12.2006, 10:37
I have a laptop A30-130 series, recently I noticed that when i want to connect to internet through dial-up connection my modem generates an error which says, Error 680, No dial tone,

I am quiet sure that there is a dial tone, and also I have reinstalled windows (WinXp professional SP2) may help resolve the problem, but I got the same error. I queried the modem in the modem control panel, every thing is quiet fine, seems there is no problem, also I disabled wait for dial tone option in the modem control panel, but made no help.

I have bought my laptop from UK however however I am now in Iran and the modem was working quiet good for about two years and suddenly the problem arised.
Anyone can help me???

Moreover can you introduce me an authorised service center for Toshiba laptops in Iran?

18.12.2006, 12:13

Let see what Microsoft say about this issue http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326681

Check this document and see if you can solve it using Microsoft offered troubleshooting.