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16.12.2006, 02:25
Having got my Portege M400 working to my satisfaction under Windows, it's time to install Linux before I get bored!

I've booted from a Linux install CD (Gentoo, to be precise), and apart from it taking me a while to figure out that the 2.6.17 kernel simple doesn't work on the M400 and switching to an installation CD containing a slightly older kernel, all the important hardware seems to be detected perfectly.

The next stage is to resize the Windows NTFS partition to make room for Linux. Since the M400 doesn't come with any Windows installation media, just the recovery DVD, I want to be careful about it. I'll write a disc image before proceeding, but I'd like to know if there are things I should be careful of.

I was under the impression that the recovery DVD uses a hidden partition to restore the system to its factory state. However, fdisk shows only a single NTFS partition, taking up the whole hard disc. Does this mean that there is no hidden partition to be careful of after all? Also, is it OK to over-write the master boot record in order to install the Linux boot loader, or should I avoid doing that?

I'd really appreciate any advice, especially accounts of other people's experiences with installing Linux on an M400.



18.12.2006, 19:57

The hidden partition is not known to me on Portégé M400 unites.
Of course some other notebooks like a Qosmio series support a hidden partition because of the Qosmio player or other notebook because of the Express media player.

Usually the Recovery CD erases the whole HDD also the created partitions.
The old version of the recovery CD contained two recovery modes: expert and standard mode. With the expert mode you were able to select the partition where the OS should be installed. I’m not sure about the recovery CD with the RECO system.

But I have installed the Linux on my non Toshiba notebook in the different way.
I have installed firstly the Windows OS, then I have created a Linux partition with partitions magic and at the end I have installed the Linux.

20.12.2006, 16:31
Thanks for your help! It's useful to know that there isn't a recovery partition on the M400.

I intend to do the same as you: install Windows (or rather, leave Windows installed), then create a Linux partition and install Linux. But I wanted to be sure there was no danger of accidentally destroying some hidden recovery partition, making it impossible to recover the original factory settings if something goes wrong.

I guess what I really want to be sure of is that the recovery DVD will always restore the computer to its factory settings, whatever state the hard disk is in. But perhaps one of the other forums is a more appropriate place to ask that...

20.12.2006, 16:52
On the Toshiba recovery CD you will find everything what you need.
The recovery CD will restore the computer to the factory settings.

So don’t worry, buddy ;)