View Full Version : Tecra 8100 - weird battery life

14.12.2006, 21:02
When I first got my 8100, I found the battery would go drain from 45% straight to 3%. I thought it was just because the laptop itself was quite old and hasn't been used for a while. So I bought a brand new battery on eBay. I charged the new one completely and tested it but the same thing is happening. After about an hours use, it says there's around 43-45% left then suddenly it beeps indicating that there's only 3% remaining.
Is there something I can do about this?

15.12.2006, 13:18

Are you sure that you have bought a new battery in Ebay.
Many parts are used in the ebay and sometimes people sell the second hand parts as a new one.
I think the batteries should be bought directly from the Toshiba authorized service provider. Then you could be 100% sure that you have bought a new and compatible battery without any malfunctions.

You know, if the battery is new and not corrupt the rapidly discharging should not happen.