View Full Version : How do I install Win 2000 form a USB CD on a Protege 3440CT

13.12.2006, 13:16
I have a Protege 3440CT and need to repair/install Windows 2000 from a CD. I have the 4 floppy Win2k boot set and can boot from the USB FDD. The CD drive is also a USB connected through the port replicator but it is never seen as available.

What do I need or do to be able to see the CD drive for the installation of windows?

Any help much appreciated.


17.12.2006, 12:09
Hello Sam

I have never done this but I presume you need MS-DOS driver for this external drive. You must start unit using start disk, install right driver and after that I believe you will be bale to use external ODD drive.

Please check a little bit this Portege category and you will find many, but really many topics with the same theme and lot of interesting comments and proposals how to do this.

29.12.2006, 01:55
Hi Sam,

If the Windows 2000 CD is the original one from Toshiba for the 3440CT you will need a PCMCIA CD-ROM like the Freecom F-TO-TCD-24 which is recognized by the BIOS.

If the Windows 2000 CD is not the one from Toshiba you have a long way to run like me.

Awaiting your information.

03.01.2007, 00:22
you don't really need all that much - a usb CD drive can be used with 'usbcd.sys' driver loaded into 'usbaspi.sys' environment and used with MSCDEX. Both can be booted up from a DOS floppy after a editing a couple of lines in your config.sys file.
you should be able to find those when you search for them using google, and there are a good few complete step-by-step guides around.

Another way is to get the hdd out, hook it up to a working computer and copy the setup cd onto the drive manually.

I've done both and I have my 3440CT running XPSP2 and using a 60GB drive ;)