View Full Version : What largest HDD can I use on Portege 7200ct?

12.12.2006, 21:22
ive got a toshiba portege 7200ct, whats the largest hard disk recognisable by the laptop??
As i get a insert system disk in drive when i put in a 40GB disk


12.12.2006, 22:40

The Portege 7200ct seems to be an older unit.
I've googled around and found some info about the delivered HDD.
It seems that the notebook was delivered with a 12GB HDD.

Arin, I think the 20GB HDD could work and in my opinion the BIOS will not recognize the bigger HDDs.
But "suck it and see".
You know; you could visit an computer store and test some HDDs. Maybe you're a lucky man and a bigger HDD will run (but I don't think)

13.12.2006, 12:33

I agree with Jimi about HDD size for this old Portege. I also believe that 20 GB HDD should be recognized properly on this “oldie”.

Unfortunately there is no any public document about HDD upgrade possibilities.