View Full Version : Portege 3500: FN Key does not work

10.12.2006, 14:38
the FN Key does not work and when you boot up i get retrieval of thotkey failed

10.12.2006, 18:39

maybe you have to reinstall the driver.


11.12.2006, 15:31
What FN key function does not work?
If the display switch buttons FN+F5 don’t work you have to install hotkeys utility for display devices. If the Wlan hotkey does not work you have to install Wireless hotkey.
As you see, different applications and drivers are needed to use different Fn keys.

But common modules must be installed always because this driver is important for every Toshiba application. Also do not forget to reinstall the utilities.
Visit the Toshiba website for necessary drivers.

13.12.2006, 16:41
The FN key does not operate any off them, diplay switch, display contract ect, basicly none of the hot keys work

13.12.2006, 16:58
For FN+Fx key combination usage it is necessary to install many different Toshiba designed utilities. The most important is Toshiba Common Modules. It is a kind of ‘basis’ for all other Toshiba designed utilities.

It is really not easy to say why they don’t work anymore but as first you can try to roll bask OS to earlier time using system restore tool. If this not help then the situation is most serious. I can just recommend you to check ‘Add/remove Software’ and uninstall all Toshiba stuff you can find. Restart the unit and try to install Toshiba stuff again. Please do it in this order:

Toshiba Common Modules
Toshiba Utilities
Toshiba Power Saver
Toshiba Console
TouchPad On/Off Utility
Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Devices
Toshiba Rotation Utility
Toshiba Hotkey Utility Emulator for Display Devices
Toshiba Tablet PC Button Driver

I hope it will help. If not, I recommend you to install OS using recovery media.