View Full Version : Portege 7140CT Shutting Down In Standby Mode - Cannot shut down normally

08.12.2006, 23:21
Hi. I have purchased a Portege 7140CT laptop for my son. This is a fine unit but has a 'Shutdown' problem - in that it wont shutdown, that is. It appears to power down, but the 2nd indicator from the LHS on the front of the unit flashes slowly. The user guide says this happens when the unit enters 'Standby' mode. I have tried all the FN+F3 options (Shutdown, Standby and Hibernate) with no difference. I have disabled the function key facility in Control Panel. I have disabled 'Hibernate' mode in Control Panel. All to no avail. Anyone any idea why this might be happening and how I might resolve? Many thanks for your assistance. Mike

09.12.2006, 20:08

I've never heard of this problem, but maybe reinstalling the system can solve it.
Or maybe reinstalling or updating the BIOS will help.
Sorry I don't have a better idea.