View Full Version : Cannot change Wireless Lan connection through Client Manager

06.01.2005, 18:56
I currently have a Satellite Pro 6100 series running Windows 2000. The user is uable to select a different Wireless connection through Client manager unless he is logged on as an Administrator.
We are running client Manager V2.58. This problem is noted in previuos versions but was supposed to fixed in Version 1.58.
There are no restrictions set against this user in AD that would prevent these changes only that he is not an Admin.

Can anyone help with this please.


11.01.2005, 16:03
A friend of mine has the same Wireless client like you and I ask him about solution of this issue. His opinion was that you are right. You are able to switch between Profiles just if you are logged as Administrator.

It is not logic to me. Try to give other user administrators rights and allow him to have unrestricted access to the computer, and then try again.
Maybe on this way you can be sure that it is only way to add, edit and change between few profiles.