View Full Version : Satellite U205-S5044 - need info about Power Pack

04.12.2006, 15:37
Hi - I'm thinking of buying this machine from the US. Can you tell me if the power pack that come with it will also work in the UK?


05.12.2006, 18:42
Hi Pri,

The Toshiba specification states that an auto-sensing AC adapter is provided which will switch automatically between the US 110V and the UK 240V. I think it is therefore safe to assume that the unit will not be affected by the UK power system. :-)


06.12.2006, 19:21
I quite agree with Nicky. Itís a 60W (15V x 4A) Auto sensing external AC Adapter, 100-240V / 50-60Hz frequency (Universal) input.

Just for info: these adapters are also compatible and could be used with this notebook:
PA3283U-5ACA Toshiba 75W Global AC Adapter, CA EE
PA3356U-3BRS Toshiba Primary Li-Ion Battery Pack (6 Cell) 4700mAh, RoHS
PA3091U-2CHG Toshiba Battery Charger w/Integrated AC Adapter RoHS