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06.01.2005, 13:23
My laptop display is 15 Inch and 1024x768 resolution. It worked always good. Until I installed Windows XP SRV 2 again. Now the display works only with 969x768 pixels. Without the possibility to use the whole displays resolution. So I downloaded and installed the Display driver from toshiba. But still the same problem. A part (black strip on the right side)of the display resolution remains unused and stays black.

I have tried everything in the display settings to chage the resolution, but the right black unused strip stays

This black unused strip is om the right side of the screen.
The rest of the laptop workt good without a problem

A frend of mine has the same problem with his toshiba Satellite Pro 6100. After insalling Windows XP and the proper driver, the display leaves a strip unused and black.

Can someone help me please?
Thanx in advance.

07.01.2005, 13:00

Can you please check under Display Properties > Settings> Advanced> Monitor, is there possibility to activate option “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display”.

If you want, back up your data and reinstall OS with recovery CD. Check if your display works properly and is there black strip again.
I’ve made SP2 installation several times without any problem. It is not a simple to determine what can be wrong with it.

If you reinstall OS and there is no black strip again, please let me know. I am very interested about your problem.


08.01.2005, 12:05
Yes ik got the same probleem

with my Toshiba 2100 Pro

30.01.2005, 11:51
I am having the EXACT same problem.
Have reinstalled several times.

My TE2100 just wont recover that thin blacked out bar.

Toshiba please patch or advise !!


30.01.2005, 13:31
In an attempt to resolve this problem I installed the Omega drivers. Failed. Yet, whence I removed them and restarted WinXPSP2 gives me FULL RESOLUTION (1024x768) but I dont have an adapter listed in display properties - it is using VGA SAVE.

In device manager I have a video controller (VGA compatible) listed as an OTHER DEVICE - in error.

Come on Toshiba - shouldnt this be supported in WinXP SP2 ?!?!

01.02.2005, 11:18
Hi guys,

Did you try option that was proposed by Feliks?

Harold if you use some driver that was not supported by Toshiba there is no 100% guarantee that it will be work properly. In my opinion it is possible that it can get worse.

Please check stretch function in the BIOS.

15.02.2005, 13:27
I'd also had the problem. After more then 2 hours of trying to resolve the problem I managed to do it! But the thing is, i'm not sure what the solution is because I tried many things. But the problem was solved after I installed the nVidia driver from the Toshiba Driver download page (and restarted my notebook). But I also downloaded some of the other downloads like the; Common Module. But I guess this doesn't really matter.
I did had all the windows updates installed so you don't have to uninstall any of them. But my Windows version wasn't the one I got with my notebook (Maybe that's one of the reasons).
Good luck and keep asking Toshiba for help...