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04.12.2006, 05:06
Does anyone know what I need to do to make TV out connection work on Tecra 8000 laptop? I have Win XP OS installed.

When I connect video cable, the TV screen is just black. I can connect my desktop PC to the TV the same way and it works. The laptop has Magic Media 256AV video card. I was thinking that maybe the problem was with the driver but I can only find them for Win 98.
Thanks for your help.

04.12.2006, 13:15
As far as I know this older Tecra is not delivered with WXP what means you use your own OS installation. In this situation check graphic card setting to enable TV out option.

It seems that Toshiba doesn’t support WXP for this unit. Try to find WXP driver on card manufacturer download page.

04.12.2006, 16:49

I found something interesting for you.
It seems that the Win98 was available on this notebook and the TV option can be enabled in the graphic card properties -> advanced settings

There you should see an “NeoMagic” tab and in this tab you should find a opton for changing the display devices.
You can choose between LCD, LCD/CRT, CRT, LCD/TV or only TV.

I think the s-video cable must be connected to TV before you will be able to choose this options.

05.12.2006, 02:37
Hi Markus,

Thanks for your reply. I have a follow up question for you. On my Toshiba I have installed Windows XP. When I go to the NeoMagic tab I don't have an option of switching between LCD/TV. What would you recommend? Do I need to install new driver to make it work?

05.12.2006, 15:35
Thanks for feedback… of course the graphic driver should be installed but I don’t know if you will find it.
The instruction which I have described above was available under Win98 with the installed graphic driver.

If you will find one for WinXP so you should install it.

05.12.2006, 16:30

I have found inf your unit has NeoMagic NM2200(MagicMedia 256av) graphic card. Try to find WXP driver on manufacturer download page. Later check advanced graphic card properties and there you should find TV out settings.

Good luck!