View Full Version : Win2000 installation on Portege 3110CT

03.12.2006, 21:18
I erased factory installation of W95 to install W2000 but am unable to boot using W2000 boot disks as either the 3110CT does not identify the CD ROM drive or I am asked to load txtsetup.oem which was not supplied with the second hand machine. I have downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba site but cannot find the above files or a companion or recovery disk. There is a CD ROM driver on the site plus Bios update etc but I am unable to install them?

Can any kind person provide a simple routine and locations of any companion, recovery or driver files?

I am sure that others have done this but I cannot. Having loaded various versions of Windows over the years this seems unusually complex.

Grateful for advice



04.12.2006, 09:54

I found on the Toshiba driver page the companion diskette for the Win98.
Use this diskette for booting and then run the W2k setup from the W2k CD.

But usually the notebook should recognize the W2k CD because the setup should contains the CD drive driver. However, try to use the companion diskette for Win98