View Full Version : Installation of WIN98SE on Portege P3490 without sufficient boot disk

Max Linden
02.12.2006, 21:13
I have got a Portege P3490 with an external CD ROM drive. The CD ROM drive is connected via PCMCIA Card / Cabel to the notebook. Unfortunately I do not have any software for the notebook and the external CD ROM drive. Now I would like to install WIN98SE but the CD ROM drive is not recognized by the WIN98 boot disk. Does anyone has an idee how I can install WIN98SE with this external CD ROM drive? Is there a special boot disk available?
Many thanks for any help!
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08.12.2006, 16:21
Hmmm on the Toshiba driver page I have found a Recovery-Boot-Disk for Portégé 3490.
This is an exe file. Did you try it?
Furthermore you will also find a companion diskette.

The Companion Diskette is able to detect your CD-ROM drive on the Toshiba computer during the boot process. If you need to access your CD-ROM drive, then remove the word 'rem' out of the following lines in AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS on the Companion Diskette.

rem if exist toscd001 a:\mscdex /D:TOSCD001 /M:10 (AUTOEXEC.BAT)

rem device=a:\toscdrom.sys (CONFIG.SYS)