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30.11.2006, 04:52
Has anyone used the Tecra Engineer's Diagnostic CD for the 9100 (or any other model if they are similar)? I have acquired the CD and have been able to get some of the diagnostics tests to run by booting to DOS 6.22 and the running the tests straight off the CD. There is probably a "correct" way to use this CD but I do not have any documentation.

Specifically, I'm trying to diagnose an irksome sound card problem -- it's not recognized by Windows and I can't install the Yamaha drivers. I've basically replaced EVERYTHING on this laptop and still no sound.

By EVERYTHING, I mean: both mainboards (upper/lower); sound card (three different cards!); CPU --- what else is there that could be connected to sound?

Anyway, if anyone can provide some guidance on using the Tecra 9100 Engineer's Diagnostic CD it would be greatly appreciated.


30.11.2006, 17:20
Where did you get this engineers CD?
Iím afraid but in my opinion such CDs are not for a common user usage and therefore you will not find many people who has experience with such CDs.

But it would be very interesting to know how to get such CD

30.11.2006, 18:06

I saw that on eBay some people offer such stuff. I am really suspiciously that someone will post something like that on official Toshiba support page because those CDs and tools are not created for public.

01.12.2006, 03:09
I'm also sure that these CD's are not intended for the general public, but they are being offered for sale on eBay.

That said, I am still interested in the technical documentation on how to use this tool to diagnose my sound card problems. Anyone who has more information please help.

I have a long career in IT and would consider myself a PC technical expert, so I'm not concerned if the documentation is technically complex.

Thanks in advance...


01.12.2006, 14:08
Maybe you have experience in computers but such CD was designed especially for the diagnostic tests on the Toshiba notebooks.
It has nothing to do with the usual computer tests and was designed not for everyone.

I think the service technicians need more documentations as only such CD to run a diagnostic test.
Such documentations are available only for the service partners and not for common persons therefore you will not find such documents for a personal usage.

By the way; I agree with Silas. Itís a stupid idea to post something about the engineers CD in the Toshiba forum because such CD itís not for everyone.

01.12.2006, 14:46
Well you have all been very pleasant, but I guess I'll leave now and look for help elsewhere. Sorry to have been so "stupid" as to presume that I could get some help fixing my Toshiba from folks on the Toshiba forum.

Am I the only "common" person reading this forum that wants to fix my PC by myself?

I guess the message that I'm getting here is "these tools belong to us and you can't use them".

01.12.2006, 15:20
Sorry for my ďhardĒ words but itís not a good idea asking for the usage of engineers CD.
This is a user-to-user forum and you will meet a common user guys.
But I think the administrator of this forum monitor all this messages and believe me, the topic can be deleted if the content is impropriate.

As said in the previous postings the engineers CD is not for every one!
If you have some problems with your notebook you can create a new topic and Iím sure many guys will help you to solve the problem but Iím sure you will not get any info about engineers CD.

good luck

01.12.2006, 19:49
Hello JC

I donít see any reason to be insulted because of previous postings. We are here to discuss and everyone can say something about posted theme. It is logic that some people have different opinion but it is not reason to react on this way.

You must understood that here are mostly simple Ďevery dayí users like you or me and precise instructions how to use diagnostic tool, can give you just Toshiba notebook engineer who works with those tools. I am really skeptic that Toshiba will allow to post this stuff here.

If this is not the answer you want to hear I just can say Ė Sorry!!!