View Full Version : Portege 7010ct shows Toshiba logo then screen goes black

28.11.2006, 22:26
Help! when I switch on the Toshiba logo comes up then the screen goes black and I'm left with a cursor flashing in the top left hand corner. Nothing seems to work, keyboard appears locked although CTRL, ALT & DEL does reboot it. Was working perfectly one day then like this the next. Any ideas?

28.11.2006, 22:32

Can you start the unit in safe mode? Which operating system you use? Are you using it for a while or is this first start after installation.

Please write a little bit more. If you give more info and detailed description it is easier to understood what the problem can be.

28.11.2006, 22:36
Think it's windows xp that's on it. can't get into safe mode or anything else. have tried a boot disk, that didn't work either. thought it might be the hard disk.Don't really know a lot about these things.

28.11.2006, 22:51
Your description about cursor is confusing me. I have understood you are talking about mouse cursor but I presume you can se just white blinking line. Am I right?

If yes it can be really HDD malfunction and the OS can not starts. If possible try to start OS installations CD. If the HDD is defective it will be shown the error message. You can also try to boot up using floppy start disk and see if HDD is accessible.