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27.11.2006, 13:22

Ive got two questions regarding upgrading this laptop:

My units equipped with a 60gb hard disc drive. What maximum size is possible? What does the bios (Im running the actual 1.9) support? These days 2,5" drives are available up to 160gb. Could I just buy one, stick it in and bobs my uncle? Or will I run into some serious trouble?

I'd like to upgrade the system's memory to 1gb, so two 512mb sticks have to be used. Could I use every module, which meets toshibas specs? 200Pin SO-DIMM, DDR266, 32Mx8 Organisation. Or do I have to buy special memory, which would be a lot more money?

01.12.2006, 17:06
Hello my friend ;)

I think the 160GB is a dreamÖ I donít think that you will be able to use such big HDD.
Maybe an 80GB HDD will work but Iím not sure about it. I think you should test it.

Notebook supports PC2100 DDR ram modules and I think you should use the modules recommended by Toshiba. The modules are:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)

By the way: no-name modules are not advisable because the performance is not great

01.12.2006, 17:41
You must not buy special but compatible memory module. Jeffrey has posted tested and absolutely compatible memory module for your notebook. I recommend you to use them and you will not have any problems.

About HDD we can just speculate because there is no public document where you can find precise info about HDD upgrades. The newest notebook models are delivered with 120 GB HDDs and I am really not sure you can use HDD over 100GB on your oldie.

03.12.2006, 00:38
There was a BIOS limit at 80 GB, but new laptop (and BIOS) are not concerned with this limit anymore.
The harder is to remove the old HDD and put the new one.

23.12.2006, 14:46
I am running on mine a Samsung 80Gb. No problems at all during installation (If you remove the screw on the bottom, you can pull the old HDD out like a drawer)

I have recently replaced a 40 Gb Hdd with a 120 Gb in a different brand (Compaq Laptop), I don't see any reason why the Toshiba 6100 would not accept it.

Best is you "borrow" a HDD that you would like to use and test it... If the Bios will recognize it, then go and buy it. But my estimate is 95% it will work.

Good luck