View Full Version : Looking for old not working Satellite Pro 2100 for spare parts

27.11.2006, 12:36

I tried to replace my keyboard with a new one (no problem, I could order it) on a Satellite Pro 2100.

Unfortunately the keyboard 'cable' needs to be plugged on to the motherboard using a white small 'thing' to keep the cable fixed on the motherboard.

Unfortunately I lost this small white 'thing'.

So I"m looking for an old not working Satellite Pro computer where I can take it of.

Or If somene has a better idea please let me know at:


Thx a lot

01.12.2006, 16:52
I think you mean the PJ11 connector.
This PJ11 is placed on the motherboard and the flat keyboard cable must be connected to this connector.
I’m not 100% sure but in my opinion the PJ11 is mounted on the board and I wonder how someone can lose it.

If you need an old Sat Pro look in eBay. There you should find something

01.12.2006, 18:00
Check eBay from time to time. Very often there you can find old notebooks for spare parts. By the way: I am not technician but maybe is this ‘white connector’ universal and can be used from some other keyboard. check this possibility too.