View Full Version : Processor upgrade on Portege 3410ct

27.11.2006, 11:33
Hey, is it also possible to upgrade the current celeron 400ghz processor to a much greater processor, how much ?

27.11.2006, 12:21

I think it’s not possible to upgrade it.
This notebook is a little bit older. Am I right?
I found a information that the Portégé 3410 was delivered only with Intel Celeron 400Mhz CPU.
The Portégé 3440 for example was delivered with the PIII 500 MHz.
Both units seem to be very similar. But I don’t think that it could be possible to use a PIII 500 MHz in the Portégé 3410. I’m not sure about the socket but the PIII produce more warmness and this could lead to the overheating issues.

Furthermore you wouldn’t feel really the performance increasing. Therefore the upgrade make no sense for me.

30.11.2006, 23:46
No it is not possible. It will be interesting to know how fast should be this oldie. ;)

I recommend you to upgrade RAM to maximum (192MB), install Windows 2000 Professional and enjoy the life.

01.12.2006, 10:49
why not?. the 3410 and 3440 have same the bios and motherboard, therefore for me it is possible.

01.12.2006, 10:57
As Eldorado said the Portégé 3410 was delivered with Intel Celeron CPU and the Portégé 3440 with the Intel Pentium III 500 MhZ.
In my opinion there is a trouble between the Celeron <---> Pentium III.

You have changed the CPUs and it does not work. So please explain me why you suggest that it’s possible???