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25.11.2006, 00:15
When I press visual effects in Media Player and Media Center my screen turns pitch black. The music plays on but there is no effects none whatsoever. Just total darkness.
I have a brand new Qosmio G30.
I have found an useless answer to this issue in Toshibas Knowledge Base. It recommends me to download the latest Media Player 10 and presents a link to Microsoft. When I follow the link and try to install it says "You already have a newer version of Media Player 10. The install will abort." Or something like that.
Can anyone give me a piece of advise?

25.11.2006, 12:23
Did You Install The Latest Media Center Updates From Microsoft Update Page ?
If Not Then :
Click Start , Select Windows Updates , Always Select Custom Updates
And Do Not Forget To Install All The "Optional Updates" Because All Media Center Updates There
You Have To Run Windows Updates More Than Once Until All The "Optional Updates" Installed.

25.11.2006, 13:58
Thanks for your answer and concern, Reaver. I check with Windows Update on a regular basis. To be sure I did it again, exactly as you described, but I have zero updates to download. Everything is up to date.
To be more specific about my problem: Visual effects now works fine in Media Player but, as before, not at all in Media Center. I think one of the updates I did earlier fixed the problem in Media Player without me noticing it.
But Windows Update takes care of Media Center too, doesnŽt it? As I remember there were updates installed for Media Center when I started and configured my new laptop a month ago.
I have all Visual Effects possible active in the settings in Media Center, like Spikes and Ambiance and what have you. I have tried to switch them on and off - but all I get is a Black Hole. And of course in the left corner the artist and title, as specified in the settings.
So please, I still need help.

25.11.2006, 16:01
Media Center Takes The Visualization Plug-Ins From Media Player 10.
So If Media Player Visual Effects Exists , Then Media Center Can Display Them.
Anyway You Can Try To Install Media Player 11 From Here:-


25.11.2006, 18:53
I believe you when you say that Media Center takes its Visual Effects from Media Player.
But it does not help me. Media Centers Visual Effects are still a no show on my Qosmio G30. And they have been from the start. First in both Media Player and Media Center. Now only in Media Center.
I will not upgrade to Media Player 11 until there is a Swedish version out. Otherwise IŽm worried it will not cooperate with my Swedish version of Media Center. (There is a lot of things to consider in the wonderful world of computers...)
By the way, what was the first report of this issue - adressed in Toshibas Knowledge Base - really all about? Was it a problem with compatibility between Qosmios graphic card and Media Player? Could it be that is still the problem here?
Its a pity such a nice shiny 17'' widescreen should stay black during music playback.

25.11.2006, 19:42
OK if you mean this Knowledge Base:-


the problem occurs only in the pre-installed xp in the laptop

and the solution is to install Windows Media Player 10 from the link

but i think you must uninstall Media Player first from :

control panel --> "add/remove windows components" button in the left of the window

and then install the media player again

27.11.2006, 21:31
Hmmm, okey, but, like I said, Media Player is no longer the problem. It's Media Center.
IŽll try uninstall Media Player another time. First IŽll wait and see if someone else has a better suggestion.
Am I the only Qosmio owner with this problem - no visual effects in Media Center? I donŽt think so.

28.11.2006, 12:42

I found this MS document:

It describes how to turn off the visual and sound effects in Windows Media Center.
Try to enable the effects it in the same way.

30.11.2006, 23:10
Yes I know that. I have tried switching on and off visual effects from within Media Center. No luck. Still pitch black visual effects.
Thanks anyway.

04.12.2006, 18:33
try "windows update" from "start menu" to install Media Player 11 in your language

don't forget to select custom updates --> software optional --> Windows Media Player 11 (for Windows Media Center Edition 2005)