View Full Version : Tecra 8000: xircom realport lan modem cem56G-100 install problem

03.01.2005, 23:52
Hi, i have tecra8000 win98 on which I try to install a xircom realport cardbus modem. I have downloaded de latest (still available) updates from the intel site together with the latest firmware update in order to solve installation problems; Neither of these helped solving the problem I encounter, i.e. it seems that my xircom is not accepted (windows cannot install the adapter) and when restarting I get a message that the installed adapter is not functioning properly. I also cannot select the realport card modem from the adapter list because it is not there. every hint or tip is welcome thanks in advance

04.01.2005, 16:43
Hi Stephan,

Is latest driver version number

Can you please check in properties of your modem under “Device Status” If there is some message (e.g. Code XXX).

04.01.2005, 22:56

you can try to install the card with the "Add Hardware" Utility at the control panel! If it demands for a driver file, declare it the inf file (should be available at the driver zip file) and add it manually!

Otherwise when it doesn't work you should contact the Xircom Support! I think they can help you more then us!

Bye Meier

05.01.2005, 20:05
Hi Feliks

I have installed the last two drivers I could find xem_2.70-1 and 2 and the latest firmware I got an error code ons 1F6 and now I get the note ndis.vxd and kernl.vxd cannot load the device driver and a code 10
any ideas on this?

05.01.2005, 20:08
Hi Meier,

i've tried this and I can run through the whole process but in the in it says that the device is a plug and play and that I should restart the system and install it via plug and play, the installation via "add hardware" is then aborted

I try to contact the Xircom Support, perhaps they can help me!