View Full Version : Battery replacement for Satellite Pro A60

22.11.2006, 23:49
Can anyone advise where the best/cheapest place is to get a replacement battery for my satellite pro A60, Ive. Ive left it permanently plugged in which has apparentrly caused the batteries to be knackered. If I turn the machine on at fully charged and do nothing, the battery expires in 15 minutes. Battery replacement is quoted as £99 plus vat from toshiba - is there somewhere cheaper, or better size.?

Any suggestions appreciated.


23.11.2006, 16:01
I donít know where the cheapest place for battery buying is but in my opinion the online offers are the cheapest.
You could check the Toshiba options and accessories site:

There you can select your notebook model and you will find the compatible battery.
You didnít write about you exactly model but I think the battery pack (Li-Ion, 12 Cell, 6450mAh) with the part number PA3382U-1BRS should be compatible . But check it before buying!

Anyway, you could goggle for this number and Iím sure you will find many online offers.

23.11.2006, 16:45
I have found info you need battery with part number PA3382U-1BAS. Google a little bit around and you can compare the prices.
Please check also this page http://www.a1-battery.co.uk/LAPTOP_BATTERY/TOSHIBA/NTB039.htm