View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Cannot connect external monitor to APR III Plus via DVI

21.11.2006, 11:58
I have a Tecra 9100 notebook that I'm trying to use with an Advanced Port Replicator III Plus (APR3+) to connect to a Dell Widescreen LCD flat panel using the DVI connector but so far without much success!

All the other connections on the APR3+ work without issue, the monitor however does not stir until Windows finishes loading, at which point it displays a completely white screen with very narrow black bars running vertically down it.
I've upgraded to the latest BIOS and tested all the cables but to no avail. I've also thoroughly searched the Toshiba support website but the only document I can find that discusses supported ports on the APR3+ does not list my model of laptop at all.

Please can you tell me if this mode of operation is supported and if it is how to enable it?
Alternatively, if it is not supported, could I use a VGA-DVI cable to connect the APR3+ to the LCD flat panel?


24.11.2006, 17:06

I see you have updated the BIOS. I think it was not a bad idea but you should additionally check if you have installed the latest version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3.
I don't know if it helps but please check it.

How to check the current version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3
- Select Control Panel from the start menu.
- Please click "Add or Remove Programs" on the Control Panel.
- "TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3 for Windows XP V3.xx.xx.XP" will be displayed in the software list of "Add or Remove Programs".
- If the current version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3 installed on your computer is V3.19.00.XP or older, please update to the new version V3.21.00.XP.

How to update the TOSHIBA Mobile Extension 3 to version V3.21.00.XP
- Uninstall the current version of TOSHIBA Mobile Extention 3
- Re-start the computer.
- Download the new version, unzip it by executing and run "Setup.exe" from the compressed file.

24.11.2006, 17:24
Hello Ross

When Tecra 9100 was launched on the market there was no APR III or III plus. That means this Tecra is designed and supported for APR II. According the specification for Tecra 9100 video DVI-D port is supported via PortReplicator PA3082.

About functionality on APR III plus I can not tell you anything. If it works you will be lucky if not ….

24.11.2006, 18:42
Thanks for getting back to me Eldorado.

I have loaded the lastest version of Toshiba Mobile Extension but this has made no difference...

24.11.2006, 18:45
Thanks for your reply Pedro.

Hmm.. yes, I can understand your thinking but can't say that I approve! Why are Toshiba advertising the Advanced Port Replicator III Plus as a suitable device for this laptop if it is not fully backwards compatible?

Can you point me to somewhere that can sell me a APRII please?

24.11.2006, 18:52
the Toshiba Options & accessories site says that the APR III + is supported and compatible with Tecra 9100.

But I think you are not able to use the DVI port on the APR III + because Tecra 9100 doesn’t support this port itself.
In my opinion you can use the ports which are also available on the unit.
What do you think?

PS: The APR2 you coudl order from everywhere. The ASP sells parts for the notebooks but you can also search in the net.

24.11.2006, 19:50
OK chaps, I've found and ordered an APRII on eBay and I hope you're right about the DVI support

08.12.2006, 13:46
Hi all..
Well, the APRII didn't solve the problem. Am still getting exactly the same result..
Any other ideas please?