View Full Version : Tecra 550CDT: Where to find compatable DVD drive?

21.11.2006, 10:11
My dad has an old 550CDT and wants to replace the CD with a DVD drive. The connector is different to modern drives.

What is the conector type called?
Are there any slot-in DVDs for the 550CDT?
Will I have to get a USB connector and use a standard drive?

Thanks in Advance

21.11.2006, 11:28

It is very old unit and I donít believe you will be able to find compatible DVD drive for it. By the way: the unit has 266 MHz CPU speed only. The other hardware specifications are not brilliant. In my opinion definitely not enough power to handle with DVD drive.

21.11.2006, 15:55

I donít know about the connector type on the 550CDT but I think there is only a different between the desktop drives and notebook drives. On the desktop PC you can use every drive but the situation on the notebook is a little bit different.
The slim CD/DVD drives for the notebook supports one of the settings (master/slave/c-sel) and these settings cannot be changes like on the desktop drives.

Therefore itís very important that you will be sure about the drive compatibility.
Unfortunately, I do not found any info on the Toshiba page and I assume there are no information about the drive supporting. In your case you could try to contact the Toshiba service partner and ask for the compatible drives.

But as pedro already said, the unit is old and possibly there are no DVD drives for this notebook. So in such case you could connect an external DVD drive to a USB port.

21.11.2006, 20:31
Thanks Guys. I see what you're saying. You're right it is very old, but works fine for his uses of browsing, email and word processing. I think getting a USB to IDE cable on a standard DVD drive is the best option.