View Full Version : A60 EQUIUM: dvd multi recorder

mad cat
02.01.2005, 20:15
i have just got this laptop the dvd says it is a dvd multi recorder but it only seems to play dvds.
the instructions mention 2 software packs but these are not included with the machine the drive shows as a mat****a uj 820s dvd-ram will this with the correct software record dvd-r and dvd+r and rws which software do i need and want to back up data and digital photos

03.01.2005, 14:36
Hi mad,

Can you please write your full Model Number (e.g. satellite a60-xxx).

Anyway if you have new notebook it must be almost all preinstall and your Multi DVD Driver should work properly. As far as I know on your Notebook is preinstalled burn program called “SONIC RECORD NOW”.
You can also use some other burn software. My suggestion in this case is to uninstall Sonic Software. It is possible that there is some conflict if there are two applications.

If you want to back up your data on DVD-RAM you don’t need any software. Record now does not support writing DVD-RAM discs. DVD-RAM is like HDD. Put blank DVD-RAM into your Driver, wait a second and copy your data on it. To record data to a DVD-RAM, use Explorer. Do not use cut-and-paste. If there is some write error, data will be lost.

If you want to delete your data go to START>Programs>DVD-RAM and there is utility which helps you deleting all data from DVD-RAM.

Lot of useful information you can find in “User’s manual”. It must be installed on your machine.

12.01.2005, 15:14
have you installed the software that was on the "additional software" cd? on this i think is included win dvd creator and player which you can use to manage your dvd recording.